Wednesday, May 12, 2010

individual effects of systemic privileging

Makes you think that your position in society as a white individual is justified and even normal and that having non-white people beneath you is also perfectly justified and normal.

Justified by what I ask? It's called a "white superiority complex" I think...

I'll never forget sitting in class in Grade 5, we were doing Natural Science in that period and our prescribed textbook had illustrations of a black girl and boy working on various experiments and asking each other questions. The white girl sitting next to me then proceeded to ask why all the central characters in the book's illustrations were black. Do you ever hear non-white people asking why almost every hand-model in a textbook is white for instance. Why always the white friggin hands? Or why actors in big-budget Hollywood movies are mainly white or why we consider white to represent the pinnacle of civilization.

The other day, I was sitting in a lecture and our instructor went on about how the style of learning in South Africa does not adequately prepare learner's for College and that we don't follow the European model. WHAT? Did I hear correctly. All I could think of at that moment was "white supremacist"...who told you that Europeans don't have a problem with "rote learning". That's a bold generalization. This glorification of all that is white is truly wack. What's even more wack is that people of colour hop on to the bandwagon and begin to loathe their own culture taken a drift by the all-encompassing need to take in as much whiteness as they can.

It's a never-ending story told from culture to culture...

And I don't blame're a victim the first time, once you've been shown an escape route, you become a volunteer

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