Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Guy: Yipee

No I did not take as much fanatical interest in American Idol Season 9 as I did last year when I was lounging (*ahem*) and not slaving at the books. But as usual, it's been tough getting another girl to take the crown. I could understand why last year when the last girl standing was 16-year-old Allison and Lil' Rounds kept picking awful songs that left people bemused but hey Crystal was good. I heard her sing several times during the Top 20 or something and Madame sounded powerful. Had so much pizzazz, confidence and flare. Oh well. It's not like winning makes all that much of a difference. Adam Lambert is doing far better than er, whatsisname? Cris Allen who is where at the moment? Does anyone beside his wife and family seem to know?

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