Monday, October 26, 2009

Look At Me Dammit

If there is anything profound about what I have observed within the realms of human psychology is that being ignored hurts a person's sense of self enormously. Rejection. We've all had to face it. From the smallest scale to the most painful - when a loved one disregards you. Today I witnessed a very interesting display of rage from a person hurt about a perceived rejection and belittling. It's not the first time and it's wonderful to see that in people of both genders, all ages across the colour spectrum cannot stand not being noticed. It's as if we all have this instinct which drives this desire to be seen and heard and know that your voice is acknowledged by the group. Could this be evolutionary? This desire? Maybe so. If you weren't part of a group back in the day, you'd be left alone to salvage for yourself in presence of wild animals, harsh weather and solitude. Nobody wanted to be a loner of a caveman or woman. I'm just assuming of course. But this could be a plausible explanation. I'll do some reading into this.

This is a modern age and more than ever, there's been a significant emergence of hermits. I'm one myself. Not that I'm misanthropic. I down with humans but solitude is a conducive environment for certain activities that just require silence and not the presence of other people. Yet I've had people take this personally. Rejection? Seriously, how sensitive can you get. You have those phrases that so many like to toss around such as "No man is an island" - well I'm not ruling out the possibilities of human contact when I decide to go off and work on a novel or revise course material. Yes people are necessary but sometimes you have to go it alone. One can't be 100% dependent on company all the time. Einstein made a lovely comment about this. I'll paraphrase. When one is immature solitude is unbearable but "delightful" when one is mature. I feel that but not everyone does. So while these peeps are standing outside of my fortress walls trying to launch canonballs and yelling and screaming about my eremetic lifestyle choices, I'l be chilling in my castle enjoying the peace of mind and splendid silence through which ideas are birthed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Wins the Nobel Prize

All I can say is that I am so very proud to be alive to see this is is motion. The very first president of colour is awarded the Nobel Prize. The fourth time such an award has been given to a US president. As if he needs any more reason to go down in the history books.

Rightly given. Aside from all the brainless remarks about him being racist, critique about his approach with the Health Care Reformation program. His election united a whole nation and inspired the world to look toward embracing "change" and growth. This is so reminiscent of Nelson Mandela's election aided by FW de Klerk's step down in 1994.