Monday, January 30, 2012

Summer Camp... Powerhouse Style

Alright so last week for three days I hung out with fellow youngsters like myself who are on fire, I mean BLAZING for God and it was an experience and a half. We went out to a resort called Habonim, located in Oonrus within close vicinity to Hermanus. The fun element was definitely present with some tribal challenges survivor style and the chilling waters of the Atlantic numbing toes and fingers everywhere, that's without mentioning sand that was impossible to rub off of skin. Yet there was more to it than just this.

I experienced an encounter with God that so powerful it made me think twice about the manner in which I have been conducting my daily affairs. I was told that my perspective would change immensely as a result of attending this camp but still did not expect it to happen until it did.

There is a certain peace that manifests within you when you place your trust in a Higher Power, a power I call God the Creator of the Universe. The moment you obtain it, there is no turning back. I could not live life thinking in a worldy way after knowing exactly what it means to know that your entire existence has meaning and that you are loved more than you can even imagine. God is most certainly great!

Kepler Does it Again

Some four days ago, the exo-planet searching machine, Kepler, discovered 26 new extrasolar planets orbiting their parent stars at orbital trajectories tighter than that which Venus moves along. This would mean they are far too hot for habitation of life as we know it. Thus concluding, no extrasolar humans once again.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ms Pillay on Point

Adapted from a racialicious article, Verashni Pillay speaks about her aversion to Cape Town and its subtle racial tensions.

What drove me slowly mad was how racism was an elephant in the room that you could not talk about. How white Capetonians would cringe and turn away when the topic came up, or look at you in blank confusion and ask why you were so obsessed with race. It was how, yes, there is racism everywhere in South Africa but in Cape Town it is not possible to even discuss it. And how Cape Town, with its pristine beaches, its lofty Parliament buildings and history of activism, was somehow supposed to be better than that.

Memory Lane