Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is classic fashion meets eccentric musician

Right after the release of Kala in 2007, Marc Jacobs snagged our eccentric Miss to do a shoot for the Spring/Summer 2008 campaign. The result was dope, who better. She's hot like fire and only getting started.

Right after the release of Kala in 2007, Marc Jacobs snagged our crazy lady to do a shoot for the Spring/Summer 2008 campaign. Old news but the result was so brilliant I'll talk about it now anyway.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Puzzled, Amused then again, why am I not surprised by...

the usual attention seeking narcissistic behaviour from none other than Jay-Hova himself...

A dedication to the Obama Presidency. A very original, never-conceptualised-before song called History...yawn, what else you got Mr Carter?

Then his woman (another yawn) with a mediocre rendition of the repetitive theme song from a flop performance - Cadillac Records.

Not hating, just had enough of them but certainly most certainly won't get fed up of the 1st couple for a long time to come.

Hit this up for pics of Inaugural Ball;_ylt=AkVhe3KxxwZ1RN8Mczx7.BnCw5R4

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slumdog Millionare OST Makes Right Choice

O...Saya - A.R. Rahman & M.I.A.

She's come through again. Collaborating with A.R. Rahman to bring forth this Eastern-infused, techno/electronica beauty of a track for the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire. Love the sound, her rap verse and the distorted vocals are lovely to listen to. She can never go wrong in my books. Her creative power is immense and even more so when she collaborates. Tapping into her Tamil roots on this one, she represents so well on this one, the Academy Awards had to offer her some recognition. Love it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Chuckles...

George W. and the temporarily wheelchair-boudn Dick Cheney were jeered as their walk-off procession took place. Why people? It's meant to be a celebration. Obama in, Bush out.

"On Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney pulled a muscle in his back, leaving him in a wheelchair for the inauguration."

...or perhaps he staged the damn thing so that he wouldn't have to take the walk of shame. Hee hee.

Why oh why did Yahoo! find it necessary to report that the Obama's may have taken to briefly using African time at some point during the event. Okay, I'm reading to much into it but 5 minutes, seriously. I can't help but feel some unconscious innuendo here...oh whatever!

"Culminating four days of celebration, the nation's 56th inauguration day began for Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden with a traditional morning worship service at St. John's Episcopal Church, across Lafayette Park from the White House. Bells pealed from the historic church's tower as Obama and his wife, Michelle, arrived five minutes behind schedule."

The entire article if you find interest in getting a brief summing as well as a couple of good quotes from that historical speech.

'Nauguration Commentaire (j'ai besoin de plus d'images!)

So, she's been criticised once before for her fashion misteps. But hey, you've got to give it to her for this golden number. Looking good, Michelle.

On the other hand I must ask, although it wouldn't seem right to question a man who has for three decades combed his hair in one direction and one direction alone. Who told Don King that wearing a denim acid wash graffiti-stained jacket of circa 1981 to a Presidential Inauguration is remotely okay?

How pretty are these two? Gosh.

That's right, move it ooooon out baby! There's a new family in town. Ah, I'm loving it!

Yes, I cried...again! What the heck. Tears of joy nonetheless. Guess alot of people see this as a new beginning. A day of new beginnings. Taking on a new approach to life. Working harder than ever at achieving goals. What an inspiration this man is!

Oh my Gooood! I Just Can't Contain Myself!!

Barack Hussein Obama has officially become the 44th President of the United States!!! Whooooah! I just cannot get over this. He even stumbled over the words prepared for his swearing in of oath. Can you blame him? Michelle standing beside her man smiling humbly in the moment. Yes, yes, yes. Today is unforgettable. How glad I am to be alive!

Inauguration Moments in Procession

Beautiful delivery from the man who wrote "Purpose Driven Life". Thank you for not being ashamed to mention the name of Jesus at an event as this. His words were wonderfully chosen. Not forgetting to mention the joy it is to see a "son of an African immigrant" take ownership of the highest office in the land.

So wonderful to see another ode to the Almighty with Ms Aretha Franklin singing so amazingly on a cold winter morning in Washington DC. She is the original soul diva. This is so religious, I'm loving it!

Man, I have goosebumps all over my body watching history being made. His speech is coming up soon, need to watch this...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Get Crackin', Get Get Crackin'

From the 2005 Offering - Arular. Nice mix of electronic syntheizin' ragga slang and early-nineties-esque mceeing.

Bucky Done Gun - M.I.A.

When I start to feel like missing link in the chain of evolution and nobody wants to reply to my emails which I sent on a Friday morning because they're busy in their offices. This is the type of shit I need to hear (and see) to uplift my spirits. Thank you M.I.A. I would worship at your alter if I wasn't afraid of blaspheming!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The One Thing I Am Not Looking Forward To...

Oh hey there, Happy New Year by the way. I know it's long overdue but whatever. No things did not turn out the way I planned but that is life and I have to deal with it. What I cannot seem to handle is the news that Jay-Z's woman (she made herself a trophy by marrying him, I'm not being a female male chauvinist here!) is performing at Obama's Inauguration. Could you have found anyone worse? Not that she's not a good performer but we've seen her stage shows. That is not the kind of effort one would expect to see presented at a classy and historical event such as the Inauguration of the first Black American President. Okay so here's the brief about who'll perform. Still looking foward to the main event though. Ah. History shall unfold. 'Aint it just beautiful!