Friday, May 30, 2008

This Song Has Got Me Strong

It's quite an old tune but it's so touching and it's really plucking at my heart strings right now. When I get low and loose confidence I listen to it and it puts it all into perspective again and I feel so much tougher.

Then I remember women like Grace Jones, Whoopi Goldberg and Naomi Campbell, Alek Wek and being dark and strong and fierce becomes a power trip and I just hold my head up and walk with power!

Sell Outs...Boredom With Repitition

Okay I'll start with the selling out part. He's only a kid and he's probably just going along with what his record bosses are telling him to do but c'mon. When did Chris Brown start doing dance/techno music and have white girls featured in his videos as the stars of the show. I'm talking about the "Forever" track. I know whose behind this. That big-lipped money hungry man. Everyone is so concerned with making money they'll do anything I mean anything. I'm so bored with the music industry right now and I can't stand that song by Usher - "Love in the Club". Is the absolute worst thing that has happened to me this year. I will even start a hate group against that song!

As for Rihanna. Aka Beyonce part II. Who too has a break-up song. How obvious. The whold video setup is similar if not completely taken from the Irreplacable Video concept. Guy chased out. Girl is strong and has more money and is acting tough about the break up. Her hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. Guess she's trying to shed that sugary, sweet "music of the sun" image she started out with. But c'mon now is this girl's career going to last. Or is she just a flavour for the minute like Cindy Lauper was in the 80's. Time will tell. My guess is she's not gonna last.

All in all. I am so incredibly bored with the music these days (the mainstream that is) so I'll just keep on with my Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Michael J, Alanis, Coldplay, Jimi, Lauryn Hill, The Fuggees, Erykah, The Roots, Jill Scott all the real music from yesterday and the recent years because mainstream plain sucks!


I chilled at the XClusive Books, Sandton the night before last night for a while. Great fun! I need to make my way to the bookstore more often to go and check out them books. Well I came across, "Eros" by Jeff Marano in the popular culture section and my oh my was I blown away.
Cover to cover endless shots of beautiful I mean beautiful bodies. Incredible bodies, and fine faces to match. I'm thinking I could just plaster these sexy things on my wall and just fantasize. Wow, there are some really beautiful men out there. I just wonder why I can't see these guys in real life. Where are they? Where are the hot men at and why can't I get a chance to feel up on some nice abs some time huh?

Okay, this is pure lusting but hey I can't help it. I have needs! I'll satisfy my visual hunger. It's the most I can do.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look, I'm Just Me Alright

I just don't roll with the tides. I prefer to swim upstream and be influenced by my own idiosyncratic wavelength of thinking. What's all this about being "cool", I think there is nothing cooler than someone who expresses their true self and is not afraid to show that.
Wits is full of people pleasers, God help me! It might look wierd how I'd rather just walk aroung the place with my huge-ass bluetooth earphones instead of mingling in with the sheep and become one of them - a commoner with no identity of his own. My mind is drawn to an image of mass production in an industrialist setting fabricated to meet the general public's consumer need. So I ask myself how I will differentiate myself from these generics, these mass products with no minds of their own. These absorbing, feeding, brainwashed media zombies that lack the inititiative to question, apply logic and rationalize.
There is nothing more pathetic!! I tell you, and when you're on a pursuit for something deeper, something which actually requires the use of your grey matter. I am boring, I do not want to get out of my comfort zone. Puh-lease! I'm on a mission of my own here just cause it doesn't involve getting high, sleeping around, drinking your liver to destruction and partying nonstop it doesn't mean it is not a mission worthier still.
(Just you watch, I'll be making more cheese than you with my ish - loyalty and discipline pay off in the end)
I'm a geek who reads voraciously, I am a writer who writes insatiably, I respect intelligence and integrity above all other qualities in people. I refrain from objectifying others, they are not people out there for me to use and exploit. I think Darwinism has made us cold, we discard the weak and use others to achieve selfish goals because after all we are just evolved apes arent't we! NO, I think we need to start loving and valuing each other as human beings again!I believe in love not Natural Selection, LOVE. Peace is attained through love and above all I aim to love others (platonically if you should know because your mind is always in the gutter I presume).
Call me a wierdo if you please, I choose to swim upstream with my beliefs.