Friday, May 30, 2008

Sell Outs...Boredom With Repitition

Okay I'll start with the selling out part. He's only a kid and he's probably just going along with what his record bosses are telling him to do but c'mon. When did Chris Brown start doing dance/techno music and have white girls featured in his videos as the stars of the show. I'm talking about the "Forever" track. I know whose behind this. That big-lipped money hungry man. Everyone is so concerned with making money they'll do anything I mean anything. I'm so bored with the music industry right now and I can't stand that song by Usher - "Love in the Club". Is the absolute worst thing that has happened to me this year. I will even start a hate group against that song!

As for Rihanna. Aka Beyonce part II. Who too has a break-up song. How obvious. The whold video setup is similar if not completely taken from the Irreplacable Video concept. Guy chased out. Girl is strong and has more money and is acting tough about the break up. Her hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. Guess she's trying to shed that sugary, sweet "music of the sun" image she started out with. But c'mon now is this girl's career going to last. Or is she just a flavour for the minute like Cindy Lauper was in the 80's. Time will tell. My guess is she's not gonna last.

All in all. I am so incredibly bored with the music these days (the mainstream that is) so I'll just keep on with my Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Michael J, Alanis, Coldplay, Jimi, Lauryn Hill, The Fuggees, Erykah, The Roots, Jill Scott all the real music from yesterday and the recent years because mainstream plain sucks!

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Leonard Mandla Mbuli said...

Rihhana will last. Think about it, she may be beyonce part 2 but she has a different voice. People won't notice an similarities between her and beyonce. They won't care. Now she's got the sexual thing going so guy'll watch and she'll stay. And the whole break up thing, isn't that how most people's lives is?... Ask i'll explain