Friday, May 30, 2008


I chilled at the XClusive Books, Sandton the night before last night for a while. Great fun! I need to make my way to the bookstore more often to go and check out them books. Well I came across, "Eros" by Jeff Marano in the popular culture section and my oh my was I blown away.
Cover to cover endless shots of beautiful I mean beautiful bodies. Incredible bodies, and fine faces to match. I'm thinking I could just plaster these sexy things on my wall and just fantasize. Wow, there are some really beautiful men out there. I just wonder why I can't see these guys in real life. Where are they? Where are the hot men at and why can't I get a chance to feel up on some nice abs some time huh?

Okay, this is pure lusting but hey I can't help it. I have needs! I'll satisfy my visual hunger. It's the most I can do.


Leonard Mandla Mbuli said...


Miss Sheeba said...

Yet you can take hours out of your day to stare at naked chics and for some reason it's okay. Ahhh the sad mind of a young boy. This fireback is coming in a little to late but if you see this READ IT you!

"For Berger these images record the inequality of gender relations and a sexualization of the female image that remains culturally central today. They reassure men of their sexual power and at the same moment deny any sexuality of women other than the male construction. They are evidence of gendered difference… because any effort to replace the woman in these images with a man violates ‘the assumptions of the likely viewer’ (Berger, 1972: 64). That is, it does not fit with expectations but transgresses them and so seems wrong."