Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still "Bloomin' Brilliant"

Love the natural hair, she rocks but getting snubbed for the Oscar is really disappointing. Would have been great to see a dark-skinned woman win top honours at this year's Academy Awards but yet again, they give it to Meryl Streep. Ah, Hollywood. Either way. Another favourite of mine, Octavia Spencer was honoured. They're both amazing and there is something to remember in all of this. Hollywood is still a business run by white dudes and that is exactly why brilliant actors whose skin just happens to be a darker hue are being denied what is owed to them. Awards.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Even though they beat my favourite Black Stars, I am still more delighted about their victory. Well done ZAMBIA!! Agh, my heart. Seriously.

I love how they start running onto the pitch the second the final whistle blows even though the ball was still in play.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bad Girls Do It Well

Hairs were raised on the blades of my shoulders as I watched this utterly brilliant feminist rebellion from one of my favourite women - M.I.A. God bless her for her creative and courageous life-force. She is a voice that shan't be removed. The music biz would be so much drier without this marvellous Sri Lankan lady.

The originality she brings to her music, the swag with which she carries herself and that unsmiling gorgeous brown face of hers are really something to be reckoned with. She represents true artistry in my books and this is one reason I fell in love with her sound and vibe the moment I laid my eyes on that 'Paper Planes' video in 2008. Always excited to see what there is to come from this one.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lekgoa v 2.0

There are some boy-band inspired moves, vernac spoken from the mouth of a white boy and synth-beats that make you think about how cheap the studio they recorded in must be. All in all, it's somewhat entertaining as it carries along a smidgen of shock factor to it.