Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who Gave 50 Cent a Reality Show?

It could only be Mtv. '50 Cent The Money and the Power' is hilarious. We have 50 with his mobster-wannabe gestures and dress attempting to be some kind of fly black rendition of the Trump himself. Fast-talking hustlers, hard-looking women, a white boy speaking project slang all competing to become 50's apprentice. Who aside from the contestants on this show would take this laughable nonsense seriously? Well, just like most the other so-called reality shows on telly it's highly entertaining. The stupidity of men is merely there to be made fun of and to find humour in.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Non-Conformity is the Key to my Survival

The price one must say for nonconformity is enormous. Anger from those who fail to overthrow you. Accusations of devious wiles, walking the world alone with the hatred of other weighing you down only for the moment. Those of us that do not conform are strong like blocks of steel ready to shake off the disgust of those who cannot understand us. Fear of no man.

When you do not feel the rage they do but simply smirk and whir a delicate few decibels of laughter at the ones who consider themselves normal. They say that I am mad, that I hallucinate, that I am stupid and do not belong in the world. Wisdom enough I have to understand that an assault on my person is actually an insult to one's self. Insecurity of the other is thrown upon me like a wet blanket that once law in the kennel of a rotten old bastard dog, I throw it off and stand tall like the fierce black queen of Africa I am. A valorous young woman with a future resembling the luminescence of a supernova. They point fingers in my face, try to lower my Highness. It's all just folly - they don't see the beast in me. Every negative epithet obliterated at the gnash of each canine and incisor sharpened to perfection. With flawlessly subdued rage simmered down to a peaceful simmer, my stature multiplies in size - only growing bigger. Don't feed the beast - you shall only create a monster.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unbelievable...Lil Rounds ousted

Shock horror. American Idol top 7 singer Lil's been taken out of the competition. Alongside Anoop Desai who made a sneak entrance into the top 13 as a result of the judges wild-card choice. I don't get it. Is it the voters? She started out so strong. A season favourite. The judges save was totally wasted. Using it on Matt Giraud was a mistake. Lil would've stayed a while longer. Well, what's there to complain about. Adam Lambert is the obvious winner. That being said they might as well end it quick. I don't see it happening any other way. But. Let's not get too speedy. Suprises may loom. Who really knows?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Voting Day

Did my citizen duty yesterday. Went on down to the voting station to cast my votes for the national and provincial legistlative authorities. Stood in line for about an hour. Went into the booth and made my two mark. A secret of course though I can say my choice was based on moral conscious, intuition and a touch of feminist consciousness. Though I am not entirely liberal, it is important to bear in mind whether or not a candidate and her/his party is mindful of individual human rights. Poverty, energy issues and job creation are of importance too but a party that has its eye on making sure equality and free choice are taken into consideration has my full attention. Women are still an oppressed people in a country not willing to put aside strongly oppressive cultural beliefs. Gays and lesbians still not afforded the the assurance of safety in a society that shows such potent disdain for men and women unlike them in terms of sexual preference. These are all factors I considered when making my decision. After hearing the results thus far. I can say that I predicted the result quite correctly and am content about the vote I made. About the president. Well you know how I feel. Neither contempt or gladness. Just nonchalance.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Underdog from an English Village - Susan Boyle

So there's been immense hype generated lately by the middle-aged spinster Susan Boyle who recently partook in an audition for Britain's Got Talent.

She may not look like your average diva - graceful, stylish, "attractive" in the general sense but one can't deny that the woman's got some incredible laryngeal powers. What a pure and brilliant voice! Suprising to most considering the package. But this is why I have an affinity to her. From her appearance alone she was misjudged as untalented, incompetent yet she is anything but. Inspiring! Truly inspiring. Perhaps there is some advantage to being an underdog in one's field of competition. Who expects you to win, to emerge out tops? Barely anyone. Which is why your success always ends up as a complete surprise. I'll be glad to see her go on to do well as a professional singer. She deserves it. Her talent and spirit have taken me over.

Love this Woman!!

Charting a record-high of approximately 45 million views on YouTube we have the draling Susan...beautiful!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sifting through the aluvium rock of rubbish music only to find...PURE GOLD

Stumbled across yet another fascinating piece of work. Santogold nee Santi White. Grabbed hold of the album and I'm loving it to the extreme. Electronica-infused beats layered with finely processed alternative soul vocals topped off with some eccentric i-stand-out-like-a-sore-thumb-and-i-don't-give-a-damn lyrics. We have Santigold. She's just brilliant period. That's it. Stand out tracks for me have proved to be the funky 'Unstoppable' and the futuristic 'Starstruck'.

A new one to love and certainly keep looking out for. Comparisons have been made between her and M.I.A. Although I do see a similarity in their very idiosyncratic sounds, there is the distinct difference. Mainly a result of seperate musical influences and childhood environments. One from the UK the other from the US. But both of course carving their own pathways in the most innovative ways imaginable. This is what I call an artist. There women are slowly starting to revolutionise the role female artists play in the music industry. Santigold is the future.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Future of Auditry Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Has Arrived

The connection is being annoyingly slow but I don't mind of course. A cool rush of fresh perspectives and unique vibe just came over me. Janelle Monae. Too much spunk and way too much cool. I'm entranced. She has offered me a brand new hope in what I was simply beginning to give up on.

Educate thyself Earthling: Visit Her Site

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