Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who Gave 50 Cent a Reality Show?

It could only be Mtv. '50 Cent The Money and the Power' is hilarious. We have 50 with his mobster-wannabe gestures and dress attempting to be some kind of fly black rendition of the Trump himself. Fast-talking hustlers, hard-looking women, a white boy speaking project slang all competing to become 50's apprentice. Who aside from the contestants on this show would take this laughable nonsense seriously? Well, just like most the other so-called reality shows on telly it's highly entertaining. The stupidity of men is merely there to be made fun of and to find humour in.


LeNz said...

Leonard: "Ouch!!"
Sthabile: "What are you surprised?"
Leonard: "Guess I shouldn't be, You are afterall a sexi... I mean feminist"
Sthabile: "Whatever Leny"

I think the last bit would be inaccurate.

Miss Sheeba said...

Yes it would be. I rarely use that word unless I'm involved in self-dialogue or a monologue. A feminist. That's right. But my intention here was not to do my usual man-bashing. When a boy finds opinionated women sexy he has graduated into manhood. Felicitations Leny. You're a real man.