Monday, April 20, 2009

The Underdog from an English Village - Susan Boyle

So there's been immense hype generated lately by the middle-aged spinster Susan Boyle who recently partook in an audition for Britain's Got Talent.

She may not look like your average diva - graceful, stylish, "attractive" in the general sense but one can't deny that the woman's got some incredible laryngeal powers. What a pure and brilliant voice! Suprising to most considering the package. But this is why I have an affinity to her. From her appearance alone she was misjudged as untalented, incompetent yet she is anything but. Inspiring! Truly inspiring. Perhaps there is some advantage to being an underdog in one's field of competition. Who expects you to win, to emerge out tops? Barely anyone. Which is why your success always ends up as a complete surprise. I'll be glad to see her go on to do well as a professional singer. She deserves it. Her talent and spirit have taken me over.

Love this Woman!!

Charting a record-high of approximately 45 million views on YouTube we have the draling Susan...beautiful!

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