Thursday, April 23, 2009

Voting Day

Did my citizen duty yesterday. Went on down to the voting station to cast my votes for the national and provincial legistlative authorities. Stood in line for about an hour. Went into the booth and made my two mark. A secret of course though I can say my choice was based on moral conscious, intuition and a touch of feminist consciousness. Though I am not entirely liberal, it is important to bear in mind whether or not a candidate and her/his party is mindful of individual human rights. Poverty, energy issues and job creation are of importance too but a party that has its eye on making sure equality and free choice are taken into consideration has my full attention. Women are still an oppressed people in a country not willing to put aside strongly oppressive cultural beliefs. Gays and lesbians still not afforded the the assurance of safety in a society that shows such potent disdain for men and women unlike them in terms of sexual preference. These are all factors I considered when making my decision. After hearing the results thus far. I can say that I predicted the result quite correctly and am content about the vote I made. About the president. Well you know how I feel. Neither contempt or gladness. Just nonchalance.

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