Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Flurry of Readers

Thanks to that Feedjit to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I happen to know who is looking at this here page, what they're looking at and what country their radio has been detected. 'Bout two months ago, traffic was slow - pathetic to say the least since I seemed to be the only person looking at my bloody page. Which is cool with me.

But bada boom bada bing - what do we have here? Humans from across the globe. Wow. No, this is not another one of my narcissistic trips. But I'm a little surprised and wonder how this might have occured. Perhaps google image searches are leading people into the realms of my Unspoken Word. Ah don' know but it's nice of you to pop in. Whoever you are. Enjoy my blog, add it to your feeds, subscribe PUBLICLY if you like because the only two people following me is me and ole boy Lenny who introduced me to blogger.

Freddie Catches a Fire

Have my prayer's been answered oh Lord...can it be true?

Freddie now plays for the Chicago Fire. Wow.

Fredrik Ljungberg - Chicago Fire Designated Player from Chicago Fire Soccer on Vimeo.

Okay, those commentators need some tutoring...who on Earth is "LOONBERG"? Can somebody please explain the silent consonant rule to 'em, seriously. It's good for a laugh though, have to say that.

Otherwise, you know I'm just glad to know that I might get a chance to get closer to that sexiness called Freddie. Maybe even find out where he lives, shops, eats, gets his takeaway, buys his sneakers, purchases his suits and know? Just for knowledge's sake.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zimbabwean on the X Factor

Even Simon Cowell was impressed "a million percent". Let's see how far she goes...all the way to the end maybe. To make history for Zim.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Femist Critique on "Inception"

Feminist Music Geek's review on Inception
brought to light a slight issue I grappled with whilst watching the movie. The way in which the wife was represented. It smacks off that quintessential crazy male author's and directors tend to create within their female characters. Note: Laura's mother in The Glass Menagerie. Friend of mine thinks Tennessee Williams might have had some "mummy issues" - I think so. I always hear statements uttered by chauvinists around the order of "Women are crazy."  Well, I wonder where they've been getting these thoughts from. Back to the Inception commentary:

Rather, she plays as a manifestation of feminist film theory’s complaints against cinema’s conception of women and its applications of psychoanalytic thought via the scopophilic gaze. Cotillard does what she can with the role, but it feels like she’s representing, say, Tania Modeleski’s criticisms in The Women Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock and Feminist Theory. This may have been Nolan’s intention, but by rendering Mal as an archetypical femme fatale who Cobb must overcome, he only enforces the notion that female movie characters are not fully realized as complex people but instead mere ideations from the auteur’s mind.

My thoughts exactly. Well almost exactly.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Obamas Living Lavish

That's what I like to see!

In Simplicity...

One can find true beauty. I could feel exactly where she was coming from with this song before there even was a video

So you think I'm alone?
But being alone's the only way to be
When you step outside
You spend life fighting for your sanity

I'll let the song speak for itself.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Yes, quite a few people have been raving about Inception which is incredibly imaginative, smart and visually mind-blowing. A feast for the intellect. Highly recommended.