Friday, January 16, 2009

The One Thing I Am Not Looking Forward To...

Oh hey there, Happy New Year by the way. I know it's long overdue but whatever. No things did not turn out the way I planned but that is life and I have to deal with it. What I cannot seem to handle is the news that Jay-Z's woman (she made herself a trophy by marrying him, I'm not being a female male chauvinist here!) is performing at Obama's Inauguration. Could you have found anyone worse? Not that she's not a good performer but we've seen her stage shows. That is not the kind of effort one would expect to see presented at a classy and historical event such as the Inauguration of the first Black American President. Okay so here's the brief about who'll perform. Still looking foward to the main event though. Ah. History shall unfold. 'Aint it just beautiful!

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