Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Nauguration Commentaire (j'ai besoin de plus d'images!)

So, she's been criticised once before for her fashion misteps. But hey, you've got to give it to her for this golden number. Looking good, Michelle.

On the other hand I must ask, although it wouldn't seem right to question a man who has for three decades combed his hair in one direction and one direction alone. Who told Don King that wearing a denim acid wash graffiti-stained jacket of circa 1981 to a Presidential Inauguration is remotely okay?

How pretty are these two? Gosh.

That's right, move it ooooon out baby! There's a new family in town. Ah, I'm loving it!

Yes, I cried...again! What the heck. Tears of joy nonetheless. Guess alot of people see this as a new beginning. A day of new beginnings. Taking on a new approach to life. Working harder than ever at achieving goals. What an inspiration this man is!

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