Monday, May 31, 2010

PostSecret is Deep

Some of these short manifestations of deepness I retrieved from the PostSecret made me snigger a little. I'm almost done with my exams but I'm on the internet displaying my thoughtspace. This semester went by quickly and I already feel as if I'm on a break already owed to the large space between my last exam and the one I will write tomorrow and on Wednesday. I'm relaxed though. Only because they're half courses but back to the topic of discussion:

And it's so true man. How many times have you looked back in hindsight and thought, "Whoah, I'd never do that again." It's only because you now possess the knowledge that only emerges through experience that you can see your past folly for what it was. When you were in it, man - you thought you knew exactly what you were doing and nobody, not even your future self travelling through space-time to warn you would have convinced you otherwise. And that's exactly how it is - no guide-map. Just winging it.

The only reason this was not me is because I have not been privileged enough this semester to have constant 24/7 access to that monstrosity of a blessing - DC++ (filesharing software program at UCT). Then Dr House, Omar Epps and the cast of the Big Bang Theory would have been my homies for the time. (This is somewhat of a gross exaggeration have to admit but work...yeah you know the deal)

You know what tweezing just hurts alright. There's no other way to put it. That isht HURTS especially within the regions of the upper-lip area. Luckily, my dark pigment certifies that these miniscule strands remain barely unnoticed. But oh, I rock that androgynous look in the sunlight. Better know this.

AN-DRO-GY-NOUS (I am, I am), A-A-A-ANDROGYNOUS. It's okay my fellows. Rock it with pride.

Lookah here, now lookah here. There is nothing wrong with looking. Hello, boys and men have no guilt taking regular unassuming glances at your bosom whenever their "nature compels them to" (not the inverted commas) so go ahead, sister go 'head. You've got to rid yourself of these irrelevant shames.

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