Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of Being an "Exotic" in a Different World

I've never been a stranger to that feeling of being set-apart of feeling somewhat other-worldly. It's been interesting and it's grown my character to a position from which I can face society with a somewhat opppostional gaze. Not one that is strictly combative, but rather one that is never too afraid to shy away from critique. Although being black and being a woman is a tough venture, I say in all honesty - it has given me the opportunity to see the ugly nature of the way in which our world operates. Being part of a group of people who are considered to occupy, by default the lower regions of the social heirarchy has saved me from naivete, from seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. So, if you were to ask me if I could go back and alter my gender or race before I had been born. My answer would be a definite "No". I feel that there is still much work that needs to be done, many strides to be made by women of colour that to be one, aside from giving me plenty of reason to see and witness changes made in the world around me, provides me with the responsibility of making somwhat of a contribution to altering the general ways in which black women especially are viewed and henceforth treated.

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