Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ugh, Gender-Binary at

Firstly,why are the guys T-shirts at so much better than the women's. Why do they insist on applying false gender-sterotypes to the phrases that are written on the girls Tees. That is, women are more concerned with romance and all that gooey stuff than men. I hate this notion, it's so false. What is it with this constant assumption that women are more concerned with romance than anything else. I've received this message a number of times and it bugs the nonsense out of me because I am one of those objective people that just could not be bothered. Really, just couldn't care less and I am a woman. So, there. Gender stereotypes are a waste of time as we all should note.

Yes, they are dope but in startling contrast...we do not even have a reference to "guys Tees" they just are. That is to normalize the male as usual. This happens too with the slang usage of "guys" when referring to people in general. When I thought about it, I saw how deeply troubling it is and how the fact that is has been normalized reinforces the idea of the male representing all peoples. What comes along with that is a simple negation of the female presence as its come to be.

Needless to say that the dopest T-shirts are located in the Unisex section...oh well...

Here are a couple that I particularly like...

Okay that was more than a couple but hey it was enough dopeness to make me stop ranting about those silly "babydoll" T-shirts.

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