Monday, May 10, 2010

How About Tending to the Weeds in your Own Backyard

Magic Johnson raises a very good point when he says this:

"because it is disproportionately affecting women. There are the problems of gender-based violence, and women giving birth to babies and losing their children at a rapid rate because they have AIDS. We’ve got the same problems right here in the District of Columbia as they do in Africa. The sexy thing to do is to be able to travel afar and hold babies in our arms. [Hello, Madonna and Angelina Jolie!] I’m not demeaning that at all, but we have got our own problems, I just decided we need to come home and focus on our problems, because they’re getting worse here in our own country.”

Exactly. They focus the issue as if it only affects the "other" unyet its is a world-wide humanitarian crisis.

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