Saturday, May 15, 2010

How does M.I.A. Feel about this BITER

As usual, Rihanna's team has nothing new to offer. The best they could do this time was offer a sexed-up, dulled down version of an M.I.A. Who started the process if reincarnating early 90's dance stars in 2007 - MAYA ARULPRAGASAM darling. So why are you copying, why why? I'm tired so tired. Of lyrics and music video that serves for male erotic stimulus. As usual. Like the Beyonce video for "Why Don't You Love Me". As per usual, she has her business spilling out of her scantily laid tight-fitting attire. Yawn!

She appears to me as an hypersexualized Grace Jones wannabe. All that winding and clapping. Please. I don't know why I even bother commenting but it shows, it just shows how male-dominated the music industry is. Everything packaged for male enjoyment. It's becoming rarer and rarer to find a respectable female artist that can keep her clothes tacitly on and sell an enormous amount. People don't want art anymore, they just want sex. Pah! The masses are boring.

I certainly do hope Arulpragasam is in the studio working on the next album. She is brill. Anticipating to hear what she has to offer.

This one! She doesn't always appear this saccaharine.

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