Monday, May 31, 2010


"i'm a singer" by M.I.A.

Beautiful track. Sincere lyrics. I love it. Can't wait to hear the entire 10-track product.

This song reminds me of jut exactly how I feel when you try to open up serious discussions about racism, sexism and the structure and culture of domination in the world that is the reason for the demise of innocent people in war-torn and disaster-stricken countries. People just shrug their shoulders as if it has nothing to do with them. Yet it is the very same system that is responsible for their wealth and comfort. These things can only exist with the presence of a severely oppressed underclass of people. Not animals, others or subhumans. PEOPLE. She is probably the one and only artist that speaks defiantly about political issues that affect the non-white, the non-privileged. The basically-invisible peoples of this world who remain voiceless and completely crippled.

"You make me hard with the wounds that I had to lick... You're a racist, I wouldn't trust you one bit."

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