Thursday, May 20, 2010

Douchebag of the Month: Chris Brown

The biggest chauvinist, the biggest loser, the biggest douchebag...


Wow people - he has taken the buffoonery to a new level this kid...WOWEEE!!!

Apparently, Sandra Rose is:

THIS LITTLE CLOWN/DOUCHEBAG/FOOL...He isn't even talking about me but I want to slap him upside the head with a wet cotton panty. Silly boy. He needs proper psychological evaluation.

And I love what Sandra Rose said in her most recent post on this issue

Chris Brown deleted his offensive tweets about dark skinned people. He then offered up a lame excuse to explain why it’s OK for him to make disparaging remarks about skin color in the first place:

…because he made a song about brown skinned girls. Can you believe it? What an idiot.

I don’t wish bad luck on simple minded people, but life is only going to get rougher for Mr. Brown because he’s reckless, immature and above all, he’s a moron of epic proportions.

Okay, now here I go. I cover the whole dark-skin thing quite frequently in my blog because it in indicative to me of a culture that glorifies whiteness and strives by all means to become more and more white as means of removing oneself from the ranks of inferiority that a white supremacist culture has placed non-white people. Obviously, this kind of ideology is too mature and involved for someone of the like of Chris Brown who I believe has not even completed his GED (speculative but I don't think that with all the touring and dancing and singing that he did during his teen years, he was able to get a proper education). So I forgive him for his folly. It's one of those cases where you say, "It's not (insert name)'s fault they're so dumb, they didn't complete high school. Never mind not going to College." So, that's part of the issue. Chris Brown is an inexorably ignorant young fellow with no one offering him any kind of wisdom or guidance. Perhaps someone should recommend he retreat to the Tibetan Hills and live with the Dalai Lama for a year or so. So the Old Sage can pump some sense into this lost, bemused and tortured soul. It's a tragedy, it really is.

But really, what is this silly boy on about saying that he prefers light-skinned women and na na na when the girl in his run it video is ummm....not exactly light honey!

Can I get a witness...
No she is not super jet dark like a panther in the forest like Ms Wek, Ms Oluchi, Ms Campbell or Ms Moi but she is not exactly your favourite flavour of black girl world...butterscotch and caramel creme deluxe.

**The rich 70% Cocoa Dark-Chocolate Bar is just too much for you too handle that's why you can't stand it's TOO MUCH FOR YOU BABEEEY!

But it's a tragedy which speaks forth an issue that I as a dark-skinned woman seem to find. Constant ridiculing of black women especially dark-skinned women from a myriad of different sources. I once too was the little dark-skinned girl at school whose feelings were hurt beyond anything you could possibly imagine by awful language aimed at putting me down because of my skin-tone. Of course, I can look on it now and laugh. I was a child then, I had no backbone. But even as a teenager, it was the same nonsense and the most intriguing fact about this - it was from a male who was equally dark. These days, it's a different story because not only do I have a thick skin, I have come to understand the links between issues of race and how society values people who are white and marginalizes those who are not. This very segregation and oppression is what leads darker-skinned people to seek salvation from their curse through skin-lightening methods. All this is a manifestation of the deep self-loathing that a white supremacist society embeds in the minds of black people. Chris is a self-loather without his realising it and what's even more sad is that he is too ignorant and immature to ever realise such a thing. He represents the majority of society who fail to a) recognise the prejudice in their behaviour and b) fail to pinpoint the source of all of it - white supremacist patriarchal and male dominated society.

Then there are the Comedians who usually find that the majority of laughs they get are from jokes made about Black Women. It's true - black men seem to have transferred the prized position of minstrel coon to dark-skinned black women.

I see people like this in my family, in my friend pools, on TV - just about everywhere. Stuck in the mud and blissfully unaware of it.

Nobody revels in being made a mockery out of especially not about such a sensitive issue. When will people learn that racist jokes are JUST NOT FUNNY!

What a sad world this is...

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