Monday, December 7, 2009

"We Make Sure The Black Don't Make You Look Hard"

In a L'oréal commercial for their new range of dark toned hair colour, I well, heard something that made me raise a brow. Several times in fact. In between Penelope Cruz's constant reiteration of the word "Glossy", yes I feel the script could have been better on her part but this is L'oréal and they do like exoticizing WOC when they feel compelled to use them, at the same time avoiding too much blackness in their advertising. Remember what they did to Beyonce anyone?
Now in this one, they imply that dark hair somehow takes away from a woman's facial softness. "L'oréal Dark Glossy takes care not to harden the features." Huh? I didn't know that having dark hair makes you look "hard". Now imagine having dark skin to top it. I think I can really understand now this dark and bright skin dichotomy links up with assumptions on how a person supposedly is.

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