Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Love Gabby Sidibe!

Last night I was privileged to catch the beautiful Ms Sidibe on David Letterman. She looked lovely and it's true, her personality is bubbly, lively and most importantly genuine. Mind you, the person I was sitting with at the time said something very insulting the moment Gabby showed up on the screen.


I just filtered out that piece of rubbish comment and continued to enjoy my favourite actress at the moment talk about herself. Look, I heart her. She's beautiful to me and I couldn't care less what all you with your minds brainwashed by stupid Hollywood beauty standards have to say about that.

She's dark skinned and plus size. To use these factors to rule out a person's attractiveness is being insular and at the core, quite pathetic. You haven't decided things for yourself, you've been dictated to. Try some intellectal autonomy oh ye faithful groupthinkers.

As for the individual who made the above comment. Dissing is her forte even at inopportune moments. But it still reflects a very loathsome attitude that society adopts with regards to larger people. I've always believed that if one is happy, truly happy and secure with themselves then there is no justification under the sun to villify.

I want to see more of Gabby and women like her occupy major roles on the big screen. I know its wishful thinking. But hey. If Gabby is doing it, surely there is hope. Isn't there?

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