Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ayeye: Bafana's In Trouble

It's not like they were never in trouble to begin with. Just the way they are - WEAK - is enough to tell you how vulnerable they are. So is the fact that since the Fifa group standings draw for 2010's cup tournament, South Africa has been matched up against giants. Bigg, uggly giants like Mehico who will, will thrash your unpracticing-properly-despite having-a-Brazillian coach behinds. First match by the way. On top of that, group a comprises the French and a powerful south american force known as Uruguay. Ha! Serving you correct host nation. Beat your wildest reveries!

Charlize Theron, your red evening get up with the tiny black belt was underwhelming. David Beckham, you sexy, sexy...just take me now honey, we don't have time to standing there with an edgy haircut, grey suit and piercing stare looking like you might want to uh do a little something uh later, nah mean? You can never in wrong in my books. The rest of you, you're're alright with me. Especially you Mr Living Long Distance Running Legend Haile Sellasie. Keep on inspiring us to be better people. David, you inspire me to do other things. Boy, stop!

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