Friday, October 10, 2008

Racism in the US Elections

At the playback of Sarah Palin's speech on Obama's involvement with terrorists, there was a lot of repulse and shock I went through initially. Just her tone and address were enough to make me feel compelled to pummel her down with a ceramic pot. I was disgusted. The Republicans have resorted (just as Hillary tried to during the Democratic Caucuses) to racism in bringing Obama's campaign down. How sleazy. Watching the debates, I've also noticed how McCain must re-inforce his credibility by showing Obama's lack of support for or involvement in a cause or plan of action he wishes to proliferate during his hypothetical future presidency. Sleaze. The death threat was just typical. But what was most outrageous was how she continued her delivery as though the comment had not been yelled. As if to say, racism is completely allowed here and yes we don't mind you making death threats to the running mate. Somehow it's not really all that surprising. We know what kind of individuals roll as Republicans. Not exactly the open-minded, unprejudiced, educated individuals who would cringe at the mere mention of anything racially bigoted.

Then there was a McCain supporter telling the black cameraman to "Sit down, boy!" Oh wow, where have we heard that one before.

Frankly, I just pray that the sleazy game the Republicans are playing will turn right back on them and lose them the election. Do crooks ever win in the end? Well, the verdict is soon to emerge. Let them reap what they continue to sow.

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