Friday, October 24, 2008

M.I.A. !!!

Rebellious, unique, creative, outspoken, feminist, politically we'll be fine afterall. There is still hope for artistry in music.

This is something I need to listen to pronto. Only heard "Paper Planes" man, the tragedy of resource lack!

So here's someone to pay attention to, she's definitely caught my attention and truste me it's not just the colourful apparel. It's the boldness and that there's something, something to actually say that has meaning. I have fights with my sister about it all day. She doesn't get that this lovey-dovey shit is just too much sometimes (not to say that there's anything wrong with it). The other day I almost puked watching a new video by New Kids on the Block (making a comeback with Ne-Yo!). The song is not bad, it's just that there is so much more going on in the world to sing about.

Back to the topic of conversation, M.I.A. is my new favourite for real. Love the art, the sound everything. She's got it down.

Mad energy in this video. Lot of dancehall boys doing their thing. It's crazy nonsense and I LOVE IT!!! M.I.A. is the truth and the future!


LeNz said...

I have decided the world needs lovey dovey. I listerned to Percy Sledge the other day and I don't know. I long for love.

I listened to Percy after hearing Weird Al's version of whatever you want. It was great funny. I liked it. Whats wrong wit TI's version? Well degrades women as these prostitutes... I will pay you and you will stay with me.

I thought of this yesterday like i was listening in tio this guy Mc'ing on this girl in the taxi.. or was it on the way there. Hell I think I imagined it. Any way. The guy goes up to the girl knowing that he will get her. Confidence. When she turns him down she's a slut and a bitch and... /end rant

LeNz said...

OH YAH M.I.A sounds cool. Can't hear the song though. I know there is like guns and that being poor is a disease but I don't get it.

Miss Sheeba said...

Maybe that's probably why some guys are misogynistic - they have felt the rejection of females and it's made them hate them. The other day I saw an average looking skinny black guy walk past me at northgate with a t-shirt that said "you're just a pair of boobs to me" - he's probably been shut down a lot of times and wants to get women back by just using them for you know what..
I also hate that song by T.I. it's so chauvinistic, that all women want is money and if you give it to them they'll have you and it also disempowers women, as if women cannot provide financially for themselves. I used to like ti but he's just another misogynitic rapper I've seen.
A real man is one that can take rejection and not become resentful toward women, so far I've seen Leny Mbuli as a great example of that!! Hehe.