Friday, October 17, 2008

Black Self-Hatred alias "You see me? hi hater, hi hater, hi hater.."

This is a topic that saturates alot of my blogging because aside from the fact that I am a member of this ethnic group which also means I have direct exposure to the different forms in which this motif manifests, it's something so baffling I can't seem to wrap my head around it enough to try and delve deep into what it's real root cause is.

In an M&G Article recently this issue was highlighted from the perspective of the financial workplace. It's all really silly. I've yet to read "Capitalist Nigger" by Chika Onyeani but I will get on to doing that. That is some essential literature. Still blaming the "WHITE MAN" for our own folly. Really.

Let's push things forward baby...
(trip down memory lane)

But what I can ask is what the f*** is wrong with black people?? Why wreak havoc amongst each other? Why get mad when you see one of your own succeed instead of being happy that hey presto! it's not another white guy at the top as it always seems to be.
My sister seems so pissed off about the reality of Barack Obama becoming president, all she can say to counter all the positive press he's been receiving is "Aaah, he won't win, he won't win" - massive hate! It's not just Barack that receives her scorn, it's pretty much every successful black out there. She stands as an example to me of black-on-black racism. Black people really are each other's worst enemies. Sad but true.
But I'll say this, I'm glad Oprah is a billionaire, I love her to death and I'm not one of those many hateful people out there that express their dismay at her success by constantly dissing how she looks. No, she is not Tina Turner but she is talented and an enormous success nevertheless.

By the way this song is dope and like T.I. says at the beginning of the remix, "Hating is a disease". Sure it is, perhaps some psychologists need to get together and pen a name for this pathology.

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