Friday, August 29, 2008

Typical Male Thinks With His Dick

I love this song...thank you Ms Jones. It seems members of the species (you know which one I'm talking about) and I HATE to generalise. To all the loving, sensitive, caring, intelligent men out there. Sorry that you are being misrepresented by a bunch of loonies but unfortunately the cookie seems to be crumbling this way. In mainstream culture and what is one to do to combat this all encompassing force. It's driving us all down into a vortex of debauchery and sheer stupidity. I am not a misandrist despite much motivation to become one, I refuse to see all badness and negativity in the species because I have a father who is such a sweetheart, he's like a gigantic teddy bear and a brother, who although smokes, has a beer belly and yells for no apparent reason sometimes is a kind person with a lot of potential to be a stable father. Then there's my other brother who might have some issues with his childhood and having a deadbeat dad is really down, sensitive and compassionate.

My brother and I had a little debate. All I said was the majority of perps and criminals out there who make life difficult for women and children are men. He started going off about how men themselves are victimised a lot more...obviously this member of the species doesn't have his head screwed on correctly. Minor adjustments must be made. One only has to look at statistics. Then he related this little anecdote about how some women went driving around in a gang raping men in KwaZulu, that makes such an impact when every six minutes a woman is raped in this country. These incidents are so isolated so much so that a story like this would probably be good for a laugh, although it really shouldn't. As far as I'm concerned double standards shouldn't exist at all.

Here are the song lyrics I was talking about, they are so true... double standards! When will the madness ever end...I guess to even think that there is a possible end to it would be wishful thinking. This may be a surly conclusion but the way I view it, there can never be harmony between the sexes. Rape is not a sex crime, its a political crime, it's a power trip...or perhaps a robber thereof, an expression of pure misogyny. How closely related violence and sex are I am coming to realise. The evil of a man's heart...ah, humans - truly a sick bunch!

THE LYRICS...Typical male,
Thinks with his dick,

The continuing saga, of male control and domination,
Psycho, sexual,and female manipulation in our society
Typical male thinks with his dick.
Thats how he rationalizes shallow sexual conquests
as a means of self expression and fulfillment in a world of alienation,
and emptiness under moraling (?) capitalism
The typical male considers a similarly promiscuous woman
a whore, a slut, or a sleaze.
However a women who seeks respect and commitment in a relationship,
will often face rejection
By the typical male.

Typical male,
Thinks with his dick.

Historically some of the characteristics of the typical male
are as follows:
There is the stereotypical, bruteful (?), insulting, barbaric male.

We also have what is known as the sensitive rapist
who wants a woman to feel that there is a mutual understanding
before he entraps the woman in a cycle of co-dependence and sexual service.

Then there is the pseudo-feminist.
He may be involved in the woman's movement
but still represses by imposing his own male agenda
on women's equality.
The typical male is an everyday ?? religion and cutthroat

Typical male,
Thinks with his dick,

Typical male listens to a woman from the position
of dominance or privilege.
What that means for the woman
is that the typical male does not listen!
The typical male convinces women to blame themselves for a failing relationship or male infidelity.
typical males have a reactionary and a conservative ??
a klansman standing on a ???
typical male is also a liberal
he support world force and why not
he impregnates women and cannot deal
with the consequences of her ?????
All men are the typical male.

In a society where incidents of rape and sexual assault are staggering
the typical male will still say
"If she don't want to get pregnant
she shouldn't spread her legs."
In the us alone where 4 women are killed a day by their male partners
Where 80 women are raped every hour
Where every 18 seconds a woman is battered
The typical male still defines sexism and misogyny a form of good
In a potentially sexual situation,
The typical male still thinks



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