Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Illicit Frottage

Never cease to be amazed at how some courageous members of the opposite sex will grasp an opportunity during platonic bodily contact to briefly feel up on you. Why is it necessary...?
I just remembered a story a friend told me of an encounter she had in a London bus when some Eastern European guy felt it necessary to rub his elbow against her bosom hoping that she would mistake his actions as being a result of the bus's hefty motion. But no, it was clearly frottage because when the bus came to a halt in traffic, he didn't stop...! Now this is funny in a lighthearted way, I guess some members of the species really don't seem to be in the position to control their hormonal impulses. So, I guess it's funny but when it's taken too far of course the whole thing just loses its humour. It's just so childish. Guess when it does happen to you, you're so in shock you can't even make out what just happened. Like "Did you just...?" "Huh?" "What the hell...?" "Are you serious, man?"...then you just walk away and laugh it off thinking how lame is this really?
Someone asked me if I find this type of thing flattering. Was Norman Bates's behaviour in 'American Psycho' flattering or just straight up disturbing and in a wry manner really really funny?? Same thing. What could honestly be flattering? Here I go again with my high school jargon but GROSS!

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