Saturday, August 16, 2008


Someone recommended I watch this after we had a little conversation about Salvador Dali's so-called "third person psychosis" and I when the credits rolled up at the end of the movie...or did they? My head was left in a rut, spinning, thinking huh? like I'd just been subjected to two hours of Waiting for Godot or something mind-bogglingly perplexing from the mind of Samuel Beckett. Well, despite the fact that for the most part I just struggled to stay afloat with the sweeping tide of the movie's plot, I think Guy Ritchie did a pretty good job from a straight up artistic view. I like the anime scenes they were amazing. Then there was a scene closer to the end that just reminded me of "Fight Club" where Ed Norton is beating the nonsense out of himself in the office. This "third person" stuff is bad. Should stop it! When I was watching an episode of Oprah this week about OCD patients seeking liberation from their conditions, it made me think how easily one can become a prisoner in their own bodies and of their own choosing. The mind is so potent, it is the central control tower, the governing body of almost everything that manifests in our personal lives. So, I saw the movie, and am totally confused. Some parts made complete sense and I guess the quotes were a wonderful guideline...but in its entirity...Lord, I'll need to watch it again.

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