Saturday, August 30, 2008

By Mere Association Alone

So after watching The Showbiz Report tonight. Hip hop video director Little X answered this after being questioned about the level of female objectification in music videos. As a result of imperfect memory and a brain cluttered with all sorts of other stuff, I will have to paraphrase his sentiments. He mentioned that the whole thing often times has nothing to do with him. He is just the director and the artists are the ones who are responsible for the lyrical content and ideas propagated. So that is to say he is excusing himself from the whole stuff. Now this argument does not help much. Because by mere association he is showing that he does agree with this kind of mindset. If you are not okay with associating yourself with some kind of notion then there is no paycheck in the world that convince you to sell your soul and partner with the brutes. This is why one must be stubborne about what they stand for and avoid associating themselves with brutes. Whatever the cost. Be radical and leave the sheep be.

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