Friday, May 22, 2009

I will not fib: SHOCK to my system!

Adam Lambert did not win? Adam Lambert did not win! Adam Lambert was not pronounced American Idol 2009. How could this be?

Is it that Kris was the All-American boy American was looking for and that Adam's punk/emo look was just too deviant for mainstream America's tastes. The black nail-polish and Aretha Franklin-esque singing on rock songs was just too much it seems or did Adam's supporters just get too complacent. I don't know but all I can say is that sitting in the living room with a blanket over myself at 4am yesterday morning, I was left flabbergasted after Ryan Seacrest made it known that Kris Allen had won the show.

On the bright side, there will definitely be an Adam Lambert album. It would be very surprising and even suspicious to find out that there is not a single record company in the US that is willing to sign him on. This guy is Freddy Mercury, Michael Jackson and Prince all wrapped up in one. He could be a legend, just give him about 25 years. A real performer. Not that Kris doesn't have talent because from a musical standpoint, he certainly does. I liked his rendition of Heartless - that was truly original and way better than Kanye's original version. But Adam strikes me as having more spunk, stage presence and confidence.

There is hope. Nothing to fret about. Look at what David Archuleta has done. Never mind that. Jennifer Hudson was removed before the top 5 - we all know what's become of her. Winning American Idol is only an official pronouncement of your claim of the title and the fact that you will automatically be given a record deal once you're off the show. The real success that comes after the show is dependent on numerous other factors: a good measure of luck, having the right connections and perhaps even destiny. Who knows? But it's still suprising to see that the individual that was praised the most and to whom everyone had aforehand crowned as this season's winner has lost to a humble 23rd old college student from Conway, Arkansas.

Just goes to show. Nothing is ever certain and it really aint over til the obese madame belts her ass off!

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