Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aw, Cut the Lad Some Slack Will Ya

Previously quoted as to saying that he was a demon. A recent statement was released that he was not responsible for the leakages from Rihanna's mobile but we all know that he was responsible for something else. You know what, this story is stale. It's so stale it's starting to grow mould and release a tremendously foul odour.

Here's the video in which he claims very jollily after letting e'body know when the next album gon' be droppin' that he is not in fact a monster.

Well, all, alright. I take back my words. Nothing in his tone was remorseful I am to say. He doesn't strike as the kind of boy that would express deep emotions sincerely. Ah, well. This is turning into one laborious, dragged-on saga.

The "Not a Monster Video" right here! click, click.

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