Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Real Shocker: Anti-Feminists in the Christian Body

I've been getting quite a few of those lately but this oh this is something else. A group of avid Christian film-makers who have compiled a documentary exposing the many ills and misguided mindsets that the feminist movement has supposedly spilled over the fabric of modern-day society. The shocker itself

Now I have a problem with Christians using the Bible to propagate anti-feminist messages. A big problem. This is no different to using the Bible to justify the racial superiority of the white race. What kind of insanity is this?
I have not seen the documentary in full but from the preview available on the website as well as images of women that have dominated politics and transcended to positions of power chiefly held by men posted against the torrid title of the project: The Monstrous Regime (obviously alluding to the Feminist Movement/Women's Lib).

I of course completely dismiss traditional gender roles as much as a refrain (for obvious reasons) from accepting the notion that members of each ethnic group must be limited to play their historically-defined role in a society. Racial parity is as of much significance as gender parity. The idea of "extolling feminity; blasting feminism" is nothing more than preposterous. What makes me even more suspicious is that the film-makers who aptly identify themselves as the Gunn Brothers are men. How surprising! That a group of men (the knowledge that they are Christians should be seen as completely independent of their motivation to issue such a ludicrous piece of work) have gone all out to create a documentary-film that uses the Bible to bash feminists and portray them as being malicious and vile in their intentions.

Gloria Steinem would roll her eyes at this dismissively. It is plain to see how a couple of men, frustrated at the turn of events that have unfolded over the last half-century which has seen women liberated from silence and subservience, with the Bible at the ready scouring its holy pages for evidence to proclaim that women should have never been liberated in the first place. Using the Good Word to find further evidence of why women are apparently inferior knowing full well that even though they may not be able to reach those feminists who have abandoned organized religion for its emphasis on female subservience, weakness and inferiorty, they will certainly have the ears of all those women who remain loyal to God out of reverence for the Creator. How heinous, how sly, how repulsive. Can I wonder now why Christians are having a hard time winning souls when they stand strong for these kind of mindsets. Misconstrued scripture used to justify the violation of Human Rights.

I love God don't get me wrong. But there is something I love just as much: an inalienable right to be identified as an equal on the basis of just being human, damn it! C'mon!

A blog entry on defending privileg which is entirely pertinent to the above. The Gunn Brothers are simply defending their white male privilege and using the Bible in that. True sleaze.

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