Saturday, February 21, 2009

Displays of "Normal Adolescent Behaviour" Quite Disturbing

So I had a watch of a movie called "Havoc 2: Normal Adolescent Behaviour" which chronicles the lives of six American Teens who have known each other since kindergarten entangled in a polyfildelitous relationship. Let's just say the fact that the world "normal" was utilized in the title is scary. Is this what teens are getting up to these days. I was shocked, sickened and completely intrigued all at once. These kids'll make you feel like a saint.
What saddened me most of all was the slackness and lack of reverence the pop culture these days attaches to sex. Obama made mention of this several times in The Audacity of Hope idenifying it as a major concern in the morality of the nation. That monogamous relationships are shunned for such arrangements. Although some would argue that if anything polyfidelity is a better option because it limits the probablity that one party will cheat. Sorry, that just sounds weak to me. What happened to self-discipline, respect. Maybe if these attributes as oppose to just intercourse itself were the focus, infidelity wouldn't be an issue in any monogamous relationship any case. Who then would have to find alternatives (and bizarre, terribly disturbing ones at that) such as this.
Oh! the world we live in.

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