Saturday, February 21, 2009

M.I.A. an M.O.M.

At the Grammy's last week, M.I.A. made a sure impression with her eccentric looks. First with a royal blue frill of a dress which only exacerbated her preg. I gotta say though, the sneaks are intensely original. Nobody does it like Maya.

But it looks like she was out and about long before the Grammy's doing performances, showing up at events with her babydaddy uuuuuh...what's his name: Benjamin Brewer.

Performing at the xXx "Rock 'n Roll Diesel Circus" and alleging that she only put on a couple of pounds and wasn't really preg at the time. C'mon, who would be buying that story looking at this pic.

Yes I bit that from E! Entertainment's Daily 10 Report on Maya's birth story. She (as posted on her blog) gave birth to a baby boy on the night of the Grammy's how wonderful. There was nothing I enjoyed more about that show than seeing her on stage with T.I., Lil' Wayne, Jay and Kanye filling in the hook for Swagga Like Us A pregnant tum in tights and a polka-dot black top, donning white sneakers. See why I love her so much...who else would be gutsy and spunky enought to pull that off. She just fit right in with her swagga. Loved it!

Look at Lil' Wayne feeling up on that swollen belly...dope!

This is Maya World Domination I'm telling ya.

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