Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time-Wasters, this one is dedicated to you.

What irritates me? People that cannot seem to make up their minds. What irritates me even more? People that cannot make up their minds and leave you hanging in limbo about where they stand with you. Some months ago, this dude kept agreeing to meet with me but would postpone at the last minute. I was interested in meeting him but he would text to cancel at the last minute. Now how is that for inconsiderate? Why not just say "No, thank you." A person who doesn't have as good an intuition can continue being strung along by that foolishness but I caught the game quickly and dismissed him but for the time he wasted with me, boy was I irritated.
Sometimes, all a person wants is someone to stroke their ego! Now, that's what I call insecure.

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