Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bottom-Up Scenario

In the white-dominated academia, it seems that success is predominantly owned by those that own the school themselves white males. I try and google African female graduate and what do I see, pictures of white women in graduation garb. What madness is this? Not even google algorithms can stand the thought of a smart black woman finishing college.

Personally, I can't stand these insecure losers. That is essentially what they are. Secure white men have no problem with others rising up but there are so many weak pathetic losers out there and some of them happen to be in the academia. I will name no names. The point is, they need a foundation upon which to believe themselves smart, good, great. That foundation is anyone they believe inferior, often times, a person who is female and a person with darker skin. So, they keep you down in order to stop themselves from falling. It's a typical bottom-up scenario. But one has to be aware of it and counteract it by acknowledging the fundamental weakness in character that exists in people that put others down for their own gain.

Proscovia Njuki, Engineering Graduate and the first of her kind in East Africa

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