Thursday, May 26, 2011

Venomous Trolling: my response

As much as I appreciate the comments that have been flowing into my blog, there is a limit to what I am able to read. I question the sanity of any individual obsessed with coming to my blog and making hateful remarks such as the following:

"For those with the luxury of attending 95% white private schools, then proclaiming their blackness behind a computer screen at the University of Cape Town or Chicago, I truly envy you. Instead of feeling sorry for myself in solitude, I plan to move beyond your unbearbly condescending, self-serving bullshit and spend time with people who are actually proud to be black South Africans. One more thing for those who think every person with a white parent thinks alike. We don't fuckers, we don't. I hope in due time the scales will be removed from your eyes."

May I begin by stating that I find it hard to understand how you would know this much about my history and background of which I speak very little of to those I am not familiar with? This is surprising.

It's a lot of venom to have to stomach. Such strong hatred is abnormal. That you would come to this blog for a second times even after recommended readings that might help you understand why you are acting out this way is just amazing to me. There should be something more worth your while to invest your time in than shaming me with notions that are false.

Firstly, blackness is not defined by a state of lack or poverty. In trying to nullify my proclamation of blackness by stating that I went to "white private schools" you make a negative remark about what this so called blackness really is and how it is defined on a social scale.

To whom am I being condescending? There was never any individual that I addressed when making my posts. You are entitled to your own opinion but if you want to read this blog there is a certain protocol required and that is that you maintain respect for the writer of this blog. I have allowed your first two comments to be published. Any further vitriol will be blocked and you will no longer be permitted to voice your opinion on the 'Unspoken Word'.

There will be things written in this blog that do not please you so I advise you, open at your own risk. If there is something here you find offensive, I cannot be responsible for your response. This is my domain where I am free to spit my own opinions and vent as honestly as I can. If it strikes a nerve then I suggest you don't read it at all.

I am a pacifist and do not believe in making others feel small. If you wish to do so please divert your attention to some other individual or perhaps blog.

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