Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyonce Dancing Pantsula

Oh, boy. We have to deal with another carbon-copy of an African-dance style from some artist in the states. First it was that teach me how to dougie which was a straight-up 'Twalatsa' done by Arthur and 999 about 12 years ago over here in South Africa.

Now, it's Beyonce doing semi-awkward pantsula in this:

Can't say which one is worse. But I'm glad the song seems to have feminist undertones.


double-Geez!! (God's Girlz) said...

i love the music video, i think Bey really has outdone herself with this one. i love that she was interested in the pantsula dance, n took some time to be taught. hating won't do any good, just accept that she's good at what she does, n give props to SA for starting this type of dance style.

Ms Sheeba Ctrl-T said...

Wow, where did you come from?? I'm a feminist so I like the song. It grew on me. But what I don't like is biterz, also there is no need to give props to the nation I live in. I wouldn't exist if it weren't for South Africa.

Peace and harmony at all times.

lindseytinsey said...

I think she did a good job, to be honest.

hutton said...

The Dougie dance actually came from Doug E Fresh who was doing that dance close to 25 years ago lmao I'm not one to go on about haters, but ummmm yeah you fit the bill. When I first saw the pantsula dance, I saw influences from American hip hop dancing, I didn't say oh they biting lmao

Ms Sheeba Ctrl-T said...

Wow, folks! You're bringing my blogosphere commentaire to life! In response, it's strange responding to people about something you are favourable about. Especially people that do not realise that I is spelt with a capital "i" and comma splice their sentences. Just because you've had a rubbish day hutton it doesn't mean you should put the Dummy's Guide to correct English grammar in the trash.

Also, please remember that music and dance borrows and inspires from multiple sources. Beyonce bites, yes. So did Elvis. Blah blah. It's a never-ending process.

I would like to explain a figure of speech to some of you, it's called hyperbole - exaggerating language for literary effect. My style of writing is cynical and cold, so 9 times out of 10, you are making a large mistake by taking my words too seriously. This is Ice-Queen talk here, don't expect candy-floss and care-bear hugs.

Are you trolls African-American, if so you might have inspired a blog post about issues that blacks in Africa and those in the diaspora have with one another. But this is too trivial a base.

Ok, I'm rambling.