Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Sources of Misanthropic Thinking

This incident noted at SWPD is heartbreaking. Nobody deserves public humiliation but to face this public humiliation to an indifferent audience is even more painful to experience. It's at this point most people lose faith in people. Some become misanthropes. *Ahem* You realise how cold-hearted people are and you give up, just give up on people in general. It happens on a wide-scale. The folly of it, we are all acting like icy motherfuckers to each other and secretly yearning for compassion yet not doing shit about it. Seems the practice of kindness and compassion requires conscious deliberation. You can't do it automatically because from all the coldness one gets anyway, it's enough to become indifferent and turn the blind eye to injustice anyway. It's a case of "well, why should I - it's not like anyone's been kind to me". But that's where character comes in. If you're strong enough to be kind and empathetic and compassionate despite all the cruel shit people have done to you then you are showing your true worth. This is a tough task but you have pass the test of character with flying colours when you are fully capable of completing it.

This makes me recall an incident which occured almost 10 years ago in which a black woman was seriously assaulted by a white man at what is now called Nelson Mandela Square after she slapped his sister who initially called out a strong racial epithe. Same shit, different day, different location. Of course, people just stood and watched. It's just a black woman afterall. Who cares?? Right??

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