Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ankh is Back...yeess Ms Badu

Firstly, I'm sure none of us who have followed Erykah since the very first days when she was crooning about her man calling his homeboy Tyrone and telling him to get his isht and what not that Ms Badu is ummm...eccentric. Yes, we have all known that. But if you haven't given a toot about her until now then you may not be able to understand where she is coming from artistically. Such as the bottom three people who I couldn't imagine knowing a single thing about her until their news network made them aware of the story which they'd have to critically discuss and offer opinions too.

Offensive?? What could be so offensive about a nekkid female body. She's naked, yeah, so?? Not like you don't know what the female anatomy looks like is it?

They're comments were too superficial. They were only talking about surface stuff - her being nude, the kids around, disrespectful of the president. Looking deeper. See the symbolism behind her choosing to mimic the assasination of JFK - a president who at a time of great civil turmoil in the US, attempted to make strides in ending segregation and galvanising a creed of equality. He was a revolutionary somewhat, why else did the people's feel such intense loss when he was shot down. So, if anything - this is a good remark for the legacy of JFK, one of America's most loved presidents. But people, as usual, too simpleminded to understand metaphoric speak.

Another thing - as for them not understanding the correlation between the video's statement and her lyrics. PUH-LEASE! I've only heard a bit of the song and know very well that she is communicating her wish for liberation, for a sense of freedom from all the limiting standards that society sets up along lines of gender, race, sexual orientation, age etc etc. And how all this eventually evolves to mistrust of the other, ignorance, fear and eventually hatred of those whom are dissimilar to ourselves. DUH! But I guess when you have been privileged and a member of the dominant racial group, you'd never understand this quest to escape dominance and oppression because you simple haven't experienced this.

Catch the video at But where oh where could that unedited cut be?? Hmmmm???

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