Sunday, June 14, 2009

Madonna Finally Given Mercy

Well, good for her. Her wish was granted. The Malawian court has ruled in her favour and allowed her to adopt the little girl Chifundo. A great thing too. For all kinds of reasons, people have expressed their opposition to celeb-adoption. They prefer children to remain in their countries of origin where they can stay close and in-touch with their ethnic heritage. Yes, let them know their heritage and continue to reside in poverty. It may sound materialistic. But rather they grow up in comfort knowing that whatever they wish to do and become as adults will not be entirely difficult owed to their newfound privilege. This is where I stand up and support decisions to adopt. Madonna is a mother herself, even though the media slanders her to no end, she may very well be a sincere and loving individual with her adopted kids best intentions at heart. All in all, I'm glad Mercy has been given a family. In this case, it's not just a family in itself but a chance at life she wouldn't have had otherwise.

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