Friday, November 7, 2008


This is certainly because I just love the girl's music and persona so much that I was only going to flood my usual blog with posts about her new music, videos, interviews, comments or antithesis' of critics reviews and what not so I decided to be wise and set aside an entire blog dedicated to the woman herself. Maya Arulpragasam.
Just caught a view of a new vid she's got with Blaqqstar. Great beat, dope lyrics. She couldn't miss the mark in my books. Not at all.

Way Down in the Hole
is Tom Waits cover for the series The Wire. It's morbid and beastly with the black and white which suits the sound completely. Showing multiple windows of streaming is clever too, just reflects the times we're living in. The youtube generation mood shown nicely here.

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Kofi Bofah said...

I am just sliding through blog world.

I can't really see your text though.

Greetings from Chicago, anyway.