Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spike Lee never siezes to amaze!

I've been watching 'When the Levees Broke' by Spike Lee. If you by some divine chance happen to be reading this. My advice: go out and watch it! Find it, buy it I don't care what you do but if you've ever wanted to know the truth I mean really know the truth about America and the Bush administration but aside from that Hurricane Katrina itself. How it actually brought about the final devastation etc etc This is the thing to watch and it's so powerful. Done in a way only Spike Lee himself could deliver. Tough stufff to maul on but you'll be changed and enlightened once you've seen it.
Haven't been through it all. It is long but I've been educated just by what I have watched about the entire anatomy of the whole event. From the govt's slow response to the city's victims to the pain, anguish and heartache that these people endured. My eyes have been opened.
So often you get lulled into this passive state of living that you lose sight of the fact that there is so much out there. So much injustice, so much propaganda. Mass brainwashing systems perpetuated by the media. I guess it's just easier to continue life in this way not delving deep below the surface. Not questioning, not objectifying, not rationalizing.
I'm now drawn to a memory of Drama Class with Saffron Baggallay in 2005, we were in the process of studying the Epic Theatre of Bertold Brecht. A man at the time who was so dismayed and unsatisfied with the socio-political state of his country that he sought to do something startlingly different with his theatrical work. His main goal was to get the audience out of their comfort zones, to get them out of this state of simply being for being's sake so that they themselves could begin to question their surroundings, challenge what they'd believed for long and just get real about their lives. They lie to us, rob us of what should be ours and we take it, we allow it. The most we can do if anything is just complain about it.
Should I accept that this is just the way of the world and become nonchalant or should I stand for what I believe really needs to go down. That's a revolution!!

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