Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Hollywood Disaster!

I am devastated in a very deep way about the fact that Zoe Saldana is going to play Nina Simone. How dare these white-washing fools running Hollywood, take the image of this beautiful black woman, a legend with a voice that shook and moved people and attempt to paint a nice thick white coat of Hollywood bullshit onto it. What a shame! This disgusts me to my core! I want to burn down that set, those scripts and every bit of preparation that has gone into this sham of a movie.

Cynthia Mort you may proceed to hell. You know absolutely nothing about the complexity of skin tone in the Black community and how disruptive casting a light-skinned woman, who is not even fully black for this role is. It is bad enough Hollywood does not write roles for our kind, now the one opportunity a black woman would have to portray a fellow dark-skinned lady is jacked right out of her hands in preference for a woman that looks NOTHING like the character she is attempting to portray. Your movie will flop like nobody's business, get ready for it because the only following you would have had...fans of Nina Simone have joined arms to boycott your piece of trash. Have a nice day.

Who is this nonsense white woman, ruining things?

PS. Where the heck is ravishing Viola Davis when you need her and by the way Zoe, you were brilliant in Columbiana and your body is off the chain but no, sorry...I refuse to see you do this to your career.

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