Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Black Girls Rule

Oh my goodness. All the patriarchal stuff I hear from day to day. People out there are ignorant as all heck. For instance, there was some intimation of me being a little masculine coming from a certain someone based on my independent, ambitious approach to life and a little deep voice flavour I have. That is that same sexist premise that says to be woman is to be soft, passive, sweet, and not as career-driven. Just because I have embraced a different set of characteristics I am apparently somewhat less feminine. This is why I despise patriarchy and why I also despise gender roles. They do not let a person utilize and experience the full magnitude of their person-hood and individuality. I mean, I even got called "bro" at a Women's Conference, how blind do you have to be to think that I am not female. These are the people I call sexist and racist. They are so steeped in their media-infused ideas about what it is to be masculine and feminine that they fail to embrace that which is different. It all comes down to lacking the experience of interacting with enough people to acknowledge that diversity is intrinsic to the human race! We are all essentially different. What's all this crap about trying to homogenize what is vastly complex and highly individualistic.
Certainly having a misanthrope moment right now. Humans really suck sometimes. 

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