Saturday, March 26, 2011

Attacking Power in an Unlikely/Unlikeable Form

The Williams sisters dominant tennis. They come from a poor background and did not follow the traditional path to professional success. When you combine that, with the fact that they are Black women, that is more than enough reason to send people on the attack.

This is just one example taken from "Womanist Musings"

How many times have I been subject to a cross-sectional analysis of Oprah, Venus and Serena and countless other powerful, accomplished and successful Black women who do not conform to traditional standards of beauty. It can only be classified as plain simple "hating". These women have more than enough going for them - plenty of dosh, accolades, fame and the loving of a good man so what's left to use as ammunition: relegating them to the bottom of the so-called beauty heirarchy used against women only. A rich man can continue being rich without any critique of his external appearance. But a woman violating patriarchal codes of dominance as measured by wealth must be attacked.

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